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May 18, 2008


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hello Davide,

currently I study in the field of computer sciences at Chalmers university and I registered for the complex adaptive systems and humanoid robotics for the next semester. I'm really happy that I find your web log, please tell us more about yourself, robotic field, thinking techniques, useful books, and anything else just continue writing, please

Innis Snelling

Hello Daivde,
I am 17 years old and im currently waiting my exam results and i was hoping to study a degree in Electronic Engineering but i am unsure about studying robotics etc... Should i stick to Electrical Engineering or Study more Robtics stuff? And finally will a degree in Robotics get me a job in the end?

From Innis Snelling, Scotland

Lincoln Vaz

hello davide,

im very impressed with your team, your work and your blog.

im currently studying for a bachelor of engineering (mechatronics) at the university of queensland brisbane, australia. i am considering taking up computer science (bsc, double degree) as well. do you recommend this? or is it generalising too much?
and what are your tips for me on deciding to narrow down which aspect of robotics/automated systems to pursue for specialisation/further research and study.

also anything related to your influences, books, work philosophy, tips on time-management etc will be much appreciated.

thank you


Hi Davide

I share some things with you....always dreamed of creating life...I know sounds funny. I did my bachelors in India and am a EU Masters Program where I did my first year studies at Polito.....and now doing my master thesis at EPFL in computer vision.....Thanks for your inspiration....I will some day live my dream!




Tom Jones

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Tony The Tiger

Hi davide baby

Had an awesome night last night, thanks for drying up my bellend. Now its nice and clean. Also thanks for rim job that was brilliant. P.s can i have my toothbrush back please ;)

love from your lover

Tony the Tiger

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