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September 11, 2008


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Diego Nova

Bravo Davide! Finalmente su questo blog si può raccontare la nostra storia, senza che nessuno ci cancelli.
Penso di parlare a nome di tutti i progettisti del team ISAAC quando dico: "Ben fatto!"


Excellent story. I'm very interested to hear the conclusion. Please, can you finish it? Gracie.

Giovanni De Stefano

Hey Davide!

Thanks for this article: I am happy to see that there is still a trace of us in the Internet when it comes to ISAAC.

I will never forget that experience: in fact it is the only "old" thing I still report in my CV with an additional emphasis on the you remember our 2nd place in the free style with ISAAC playing the drums?

Any chance to publish also the picture with all of us sleep deprived but with an energy that keeps me going still now?

...a list of our names next to the roles wouldn't hurt :-)

Keep up the amazing work you are doing! We are all proud of you!


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